Are EZ Glam Any Good? (honest review)

ez glam reviewed

If you are looking for gymnastics equipment to use at home, the choice of brands is plentiful. Some brands are very expensive and are used by professional gymnastics facilities, whereas others are aimed at-home use only.

EZ Glam falls into the latter category. They are becoming a well-known brand with very attractive prices but are their products any good?

This is an honest review of their products to see if they are worth investing in.

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Quality of EZ Glam products

EZ Glam makes and sells a range of mid-priced equipment used for gymnastics, cheer and dance. They specialize in inflatable gymnastics mats such as air tracks.

A big worry for many people when buying a lesser-known and cheaper brand of equipment is whether the quality of the product is any good. EZ Glam produces good quality products which generally are very good value for money.

There are other brands available that have premium quality materials and finishing, for example, Air Track Factory and Tumbl Trak, however, you will pay a great deal more for similar types of products.

On the other extreme, there are cheaper brands of equipment that can be found on Amazon but the quality is not always up to much.

It’s fair to say EZ Glam is comparable to FB Sport – good quality and an affordable price range. They’re not one of the biggest brands but certainly good value for money.

A brief history of EZ Glam

There’s not a whole lot of information on the internet about EZ Glam but from what we can see, they first started selling on Amazon in 2017 and their Facebook Page was created in late 2016. The EZ Glam Trademark was registered in late 2017 and the EZ Glam Instagram account also started posting in 2017 so it’s likely that they are a relatively young brand.

According to the EZ Glam Facebook Page, they are based in College Point in Queens, New York. It’s unclear if any manufacturing takes place in New York but based on the low pricing of their products and some customer comments online, it’s more likely that they manufacture in China and use New York as a distribution warehouse.

Many other gymnastics equipment manufacturers use this model to help keep costs low. If you are keen to find equipment that is made in the USA check out this article.

What gymnastics products do EZ Glam sell?

EZ Glam sells products designed mainly for home and recreational use. They include inflatable mats and apparatus. They sell both directly through and the EZ Glam Amazon store.

Amazon has the advantage of Prime and less hassle with returns however, EZ Glam only appears to be selling their Air Track and Adjustable Beam on Amazon. For other Air Products, Beams and Refurbished items you will have to go to the official EZ Glam website.

Be aware that customers outside of the US buying through the EZ Glam website may be charged additional customs or duties so do check with them first.

EZ Glam Air Track and Air Floor

The EZ Glam Air Track and Air Floor are very similar except the Air Floor is wider and thicker (thickness refers to the height from the floor when inflated). Other equipment manufacturers sell Air Floors as square-shaped rather than long and rectangular so if you are shopping around for a new inflatable mat, check the sizing carefully on each product as the same name can mean different things depending on the manufacturer.

The EZ Glam Air Track comes in a range of sizes:

  • Length options – 10ft, 13ft, 16ft, 20ft, 23ft, 27ft
  • Width options – 3.3ft or 6.6ft
  • Thickness options – 4 inch or 8 inch
  • Color options – around 20 various color options for the trim

For home use, I recommend at least 16ft in length so that there is enough room for a couple of running steps before a trick. If you have the room then go for the maximum length you can so that younger children don’t outgrow the Air Track. The same advice goes for width – if you have the room and budget then the bigger the better.

4-inch thickness is perfectly adequate for most recreational level gymnasts at home. The 8-inch version will be bouncier and more advanced gymnasts and teenagers upwards will benefit from the added thickness.

The quality of the material in the EZ Glam Air Track and Air Floor is mid-range. The 0.9mm material thickness drop stitch is identical to FB Sport and the valves and stitching are also very similar. Premium brands of Air Track such as Air Track Nordic will glue the stitching making it more airtight but you will pay more for brands such as these.

The table below compares the cost of a 13ft x 3.3ft x 4inch Air Track:

Alifun$209Latest Price
EZ Glam$219Latest Price
FB Sport$210Latest Price
Air Track Nordic$549Latest Price
All prices are correct at the time of writing and don’t include special offers or temporary discounts

EZ Glam Air Spot

EZ Glam Air Spots are made from the same material and stitching as the Air Track and Air Floor but they are small and round instead of rectangular. The advantage of an Air Spot is that it is lightweight and easy to move however, you probably wouldn’t use it as a stand-alone mat. Instead, it is better used on top of or next to an Air Track which can be used to land on.

An Air Spot does make a cool toy for the pool because of its smaller size or on dry land it can be used as a take-off mat for standing somersaults and handsprings.

Quality and price-wise it is the same standard as the EZ Glam Air Tracks – low to the mid-price range with decent quality and good value for money.

EZ Glam sells Air Spots in two sizes:

  • Mini – 27.5 inches diameter / 4 inch thickness (height)
  • Medium – 37 inches diameter / 8 inches thickness

Both are sold on the EZ Glam website but not on the Amazon store. At the time of writing the Mini Air Spot cost $169 and the Medium $179. For such a small difference the Medium would be the sensible option as it will suit growing gymnasts.

EZ Glam Gymnastics Bar

The EZ Glam Bar is one of the cheapest on the market at around $170 on Amazon. It’s aimed at gymnasts level 1- 4 (US) and can safely hold up to 200Ibs. The height can be adjusted between 35 and 57 inches and the bar rail itself is approx 50 inches wide.

This makes it ideal for younger children but I wouldn’t recommend getting it for teenagers or more advanced gymnasts working at level 5 or above.

In terms of quality, the bar is good value for money for home use. The extra safety rail at the front and back will help stop it topple over and the two small prongs at either side will give extra stability. The rubber feet and adjustable knobs work well but feel like you would expect for the price.

The bar doesn’t come with a landing mat but not many bars do. A mat 4ft wide should be placed under the bar for added safety. Folding Mats this size are around $100 – $150 on Amazon. Don’t use an Air Track or inflatable mat under the bar as it can catch on screws and pop or rip.

EZ Glam Beam

EZ Glam sells only one Beam – the adjustable suede beam which is available in either 6ft or 8ft lengths. The suede covering is very similar to beams found in professional gym facilities though it is actually a little thicker. This is because professional beams are usually hollow steel wrapped in foam and suede as opposed to the solid wood of the EZ Glam beam.

Even though the design is different from the beams found in pro gyms, most beams for home use are made in the same way as EZ Glam’s as they are cheaper this way. So by comparison this is a well-made Beam that will fit a tighter budget.

The Beam can either be used in floor mode which is a really low 4 inches or switch to the adjustable legs and you have between 17 inches and 24 inches in height. The adjustable system has a double lock mechanism which is safer and reduces the chance of the height slipping when in use.

Other EZ Glam Products

On the EZ Glam website (not Amazon) they sell Air Boards and Air Blocks which can be used on top of Air Tracks. They also sell ‘refurbished’ items which are second-hand products that are ‘tested and repacked in our New York warehouse’.

The idea of recycling products is a good one and items are sold for less than 50% of the original price.

What do the reviews say?

We checked out a huge amount of online reviews to see what feedback has been posted about EZ Glam products.


The most popular EZ Glam product – the Air Track is rated 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon with 92% of customers rating it 4 or 5 out of 5. Comments are largely positive with many customers praising the ease of use and the fact that the Air Track doesn’t lose pressure easily.

The EZ Galm Beam and Bars are both rated 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon. Some feedback questions the durability of the product but they are only used by the recommended age/size children then there shouldn’t be any issues.

EZ Glam Website

Unfortunately, the EZ Glam website does not show any reviews. This is unusual for this industry and is perhaps something they will improve in the future.

How long is the warranty on EZ Glam products?

According to the EZ Glam website, all products come with a one-year limited guarantee. Usually, this will cover manufacturing faults but won’t cover damage caused by the customer.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a mid-range good quality product for home use then EZ Glam is a good choice that can be trusted.

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