8 Best Air Track Mats for Gymnastics (reviewed)

If you have a child who wants to take gymnastics practice to the next level at home then an air track is for you! Air tracks are a great way to stop them from jumping on the sofa or bed and practice on a safe piece of kit that is also found in professional gym facilities around the world. The good news is that an air track can be stored and transported easily when not in use and they don’t have to be expensive.

Find the 6 best air track mats for gymnastics below.

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Best Overall Air Mat – AirTrack Pro

AirTrack (also known as AirTrack Factory in some parts of the world) was the early pioneer of the inflatable air track and is still regarded as the top manufacturer in terms of quality and design. Their products are not the cheapest but if your budget allows it, I would always recommend purchasing from AirTrack.

airtrack pro inflatable air mat

The 16 foot AirTrack Pro is 8″ thick and costs around $700 but includes a pump and free shipping. The 10 foot version is cheaper at around $300 but is only 4″ thick. The longer and thicker versions of air tracks always allow for longer tumbles and will ensure your gymnast doesn’t run out of room as they start to get taller.

The 10ft version is featured in the video below.

AirTrack only sells premium quality inflatable tracks – double strength fabric, high-quality stitching on the handles and strong valves. They last for a long time (as long as you look after them). I know this because I use their Air Floor and Tricking Floor in a professional gym facility and even after several years of constant use they still perform like new. The 2-year warranty should also give peace of mind.

What we like:

  • Trusted and established brand with excellent customer service
  • Fantastic bounce suitable for both professional gyms and the home
  • Durable and long-lasting product
  • Plenty of color options
  • 2 Year warranty


  • Higher cost

Runner Up – Tumbl Trak Air Floor Pro

The Tumbl Trak Air Floor Pro is superior to most other inflatable mats (except for AirTrack) with regard to performance, durability and material. Alongside AirTrack they are the two most popular brands of Air Track that are used in professional gymnastics facilities so it goes without saying that this product will comfortably handle home-use training.

tumbl trak air floor pro

Tumbl Trak offers 10 feet, 16 feet and 20 feet length options all with 8″ thickness and a very generous width of over 6 feet. The velcro placements on all four sides allow users the option to connect multiple units together to create an even longer track or a square floor, which is more similar to a gymnastics floor. Cheaper alternatives don’t provide velcro on the two ends let alone all four sides.

The 10 foot version costs around $1500 and the 20 foot option over $2,000 so these are around the most expensive air tracks available to buy.

What we like:

  • Superior quality materials and stitching
  • Velcro on all four sides
  • Wider than most other air tracks at 6 feet plus
  • Eco friendly design


  • Only available in one color scheme
  • Expensive

Best Budget – Amazon Dwzdd Air Track

best budget air track - dwzdd air track

Amazon has the lowest prices when it comes to air tracks. Although there are some being sold with very poor reviews, this choice from Dwzdd, has great reviews. And the 10 ft version is only just over $100 which is probably one of the cheapest air tracks around.

The 16 ft version is ideal for teenagers and costs around $200 which is considerably cheaper than the premium air tracks on the market. As a result, the material is slightly thinner and probably wouldn’t be used in professional gym facilities, but for home use, it will be more than adequate.

What we like:

  • Low cost
  • Excellent reviews online
  • Longer options available


  • Not as wide as other brands

Best Under $350 – Fbsport Air Track

We’re big fans of Fbsport products. They are a relatively new company but already have a reputation for high-quality products without the expensive costs.

Fbsport air track

Their air track range comes in a choice of colors – blue, pink, mint and purple and they ship worldwide. The attention to detail is better than the alternatives generally found on Amazon. For example, the handles are made from carbon fiber making them more durable. The velcro also runs along the whole width of the track so if you did choose to link two tracks together, they will join more securely.

For around $260 you can get a 16ft track with a pump and storage bag included.

Get an extra 10% off at Fbsport by using the code CompleteGymnastics at checkout.

What we like:

  • Great value for money
  • Very little air loss
  • Electric pump included
  • Wide color range


  • No longer options available

Best Alternative – Air Track Nordic

air track nordic

If you are looking for exceptional quality then Air Track Nordic is for you. The fabric is double-walled and made from high-quality non-toxic materials with 2700 threads per 10 sq ft.

What makes Air Track Nordic different is the fact the material is welded rather than stitched. This makes air loss even less likely than with other air tracks.

The 16ft standard version will set you back between $400 – $500 or you can opt for the home range tracks which are 10ft in length and cost only $200-$300. Both come in a range of colors 4” thickness and include a pump and carry bag.

What we like:

  • Extra strong material
  • Carry bag included
  • Smaller versions are fairly priced


  • A new brand with less background

2nd Best Alternative – HappyBuy Air Track

The HappyBuy Air Track looks very much like the original from AirTrack. The good news is that they also feel and perform very well but at a lower price. In fact, you can pick up a 16ft air track for around $200. It also includes an electric pump and carry bag and is available in a choice of four colors – Navy Blue, Blue, Pink or Tiffany.

2nd best alternative air track

Pigmie gave an excellent review of the HappyBuy Air Track on YouTube. He gave it a big thumbs up, although the term ‘knock-off’ is a bit harsh as it’s a great product in its own right. The HappyBuy Air Track doesn’t have velcro at the ends so you won’t be able to attach them together securely. But they are sold up to 20ft in length so if you need a longer track go for the larger version.

Honorable Mention #1 – EZ Glam Air Track

EZ Glam is based in the USA and sells great quality air tracks in a huge range of colors and sizes. The black and green version is our favorite because it looks so different!

ez glam air track

The 16ft version comes in at around $280 on Amazon which is good value for money considering it is still made from double-strength fabric. Overall quality is very good and it is cheaper than AirTrack, but that is partly due to the AirTrack brand name being so recognizable in comparison.

Size wise you can also choose between 10ft / 13ft / 16ft and 20ft in length and between 4” and 8” in thickness.

4” thick air tracks are adequate for younger gymnasts and beginners at home. Older and more advanced tumblers may wish to consider an 8″ version.

What we like:

  • Great value for money
  • Vibrant color options
  • Easily available on Amazon
  • Electric pump


  • Only available in 4″ thickness

Honorable Mention #2 Air Tuff Air Mat

Air Tuff deserves an honorable mention as a newer company in the air track market with an excellent product that includes a cool-looking design.

The Air Tuff Air Track is lightweight making it easy to carry, especially with the bag that comes included. There are length options from 10 feet through to 20 feet all at 4″ thickness. This means you won’t get quite as much bounce as the 8″ thick tracks but for beginners and those learning to tumble for the first time this air track will suit you.

The electric pump can be used for both inflate and deflate which will speed up the process of putting the track away when finished.

What we like:

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Quick inflate and deflate
  • Smart design


  • Newer brand with fewer reviews
  • Only available in 4″ thickness

Buyers Guide to Air Tracks

For an in-depth discussion about air tracks, you need to read the article ‘Are air tracks worth it?’

The main factors you must consider before buying an air track for the home are:


Air track mats can be as short as 6ft through to 26ft. The length that you need at home will depend on the skill set, age, and height of the gymnast. You will also need to consider where you plan to use your air track and the maximum length you can fit. Ideally, there will be space at either end of your air track which can be used for an additional run-up or for a landing mat at the end.

Avoid having to place your air track up against a wall as it will increase the chance of a collision when tumbling.

GymnastMinimum Length Air Track
Beginner or under 8 years old6ft to 10ft
Intermediate or 8 to 12 years old10ft to 16ft
Teenagers or team gymnasts16ft plus

Thickness (height)

The thickness of an air track refers to the height from the floor to the top of the surface. Most air tracks for home use will be between 4” and 8” in thickness.

A 4″ thick air track mat is adequate for intermediate tumbling skills such as cartwheel, round off and handstand.

An 8″ thick air track will usually provide more bounce and is more suitable for advanced tumbling which requires the linking of skills such as back handspring and back tucks.

The extra thickness is important in preventing the gymnast from feeling the floor when they snap their feet down onto the track. More advanced tumbling runs require more snap down and this can be uncomfortable especially if the air track is placed on a hard floor.


Double-strength fabric will help keep the air track inflated for longer and be less likely to pop however, you will pay more for stronger fabric.


Check whether a pump is included – if so is it electric or a foot pump? Both have their uses (foot pumps are ideal for parks and beaches) whereas an electric pump is much easier and quicker to use.

Some electric pumps can also help deflate an air track. For longer air track lengths this is very useful.


Most air tracks will have a range of color options so be sure to find one that will inspire your gymnast to do their best.

Final Thoughts

Air tracks are awesome for all ages and abilities of gymnasts, from the complete beginner through to the competitive team gymnast. Even the grown-ups can have a go too! Every brand that I have recommended in the top 6 is a brand I have personally owned, used or provides extremely high customer reviews online.


Is a 3m AirTrack long enough?

A 3m AirTrack may be suitable for individual exercises, basic tumbling skills like Round Off, or practice routines for beginners and younger gymnasts. However, for more advanced routines or for users who require more space for a sequence of moves, a longer AirTrack might be preferable. Many brands will stock up to 16 feet or longer.

When deciding on the length, consider the user’s skill level, the type of exercises they’ll be performing, and the available space for setup.

How thick should an AirTrack be?

The thickness of an AirTrack can range between 4″ to 12″. The best thickness largely depends on the intended use:

  1. 4″: Suitable for beginners and younger users. It’s also adequate for basic exercises and provides a decent bounce.
  2. 6″ to 8″: Preferred by many intermediate users. It offers a good balance between stability and bounce, making it versatile for a variety of exercises and tumbles.
  3. 8″ to 12″: Ideal for advanced gymnasts or those seeking maximum bounce and cushioning, especially for high-intensity moves or jumps.

Can you join 2 air tracks together?

Yes, many air tracks are designed with the capability to be joined together, either end-to-end or side-by-side. This allows for an extended tumbling run or a larger practice area. If you’re considering joining two air tracks, ensure that they come with Velcro strips or connectors designed for this purpose. Properly connecting them ensures stability and safety during use.

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