Gymnastics Leotards and Shorts Set (buyers guide)

Looking for the best gymnastics leotards and shorts set for your daughter? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide showcases the top-rated sets for performance, comfort, and style. We’ve got you covered from sparkly to budget and everything in between.

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The Benefits of a Leotard and Shorts Set

Gymnastics shorts are worn over a leotard and provide extra coverage around the legs, hips and bottom. This is hugely popular with girls of all ages but especially older gymnasts who are more conscious of their appearance or a leotard riding up too high.

The advantage of buying shorts as a set is the confidence that the leotard will match the design, style and feel of the shorts.

You may also benefit from a cost saving compared to buying them separately to each other.

Best Overall Gymnastics Leotards and Shorts Set – Aosva

This best pick was chosen because it ticks lots of boxes – excellent quality, fits well, good value for money and the leotard has a shiny look to its cool design. Plus there’s a free scrunchie that matches the leotard and shorts set.

At around $26 on Amazon, this is mid-range in terms of price, but it has the look and feel of a premium-quality leotard.

Its shine comes from the fabric itself rather than some leotards which have rhinestones glued on. So there’s no worry about the Rhinestones falling off with this choice of leotard.

Runner Up – Destira Princess Llama

destira princess llama set

Destira is well known for making leotards that have bold and fun designs that are really comfortable to wear. The Princess Llama leotard is no exception and will suit any gymnast that wants to stand out from the crowd at practice!

Sizes range from toddlers (18 months) through to Child XL (approx 12 years old) and is priced around $40 with a free scrunchie included.

The leotard and shorts are sold separately but the set pictured is with the Fuschia Compression Shorts which cost around $28.

Although they are a little pricier than other options, Destira leotards are very durable and comfortable.

Complete Gymnastics users can use the code HAPPY15 for a 15% discount at the Destira Website.

Best on a Budget – YONGHS

YONGHS leotard and shorts set

Not only is this product made from high-quality and comfortable materials, but it is also incredibly affordable at less than $10. Despite the low price point, the leotard and shorts are well-made and fit perfectly.

The design of the leotard is both modern and stylish, with a high neckline and a cutout back. The shorts feature a high waistband that offers excellent coverage and support. The matching set looks beautiful and coordinated, making it perfect for gymnastics.

Another great thing about this product is how easy it is to clean. Many reviews comment online that despite multiple washes, the colors have not faded and the fabric has not shrunk.

Best Premium – Obersee Rainbow Arc

obersee rainbow arc leotard and shorts set

Overall, I would highly recommend the Obersee Tank and Shorts Set – Rainbow Arc to anyone looking for a high-quality, comfortable, and unique gymnastics outfit. While it may not be a traditional leotard, it is still an excellent choice that is sure to turn heads.

The tank top is comfortable and provides good coverage, while the shorts are well-fitted and offer great support. The leotard does not connect underneath between the legs as traditional leotards do. This could be beneficial for younger gymnasts who often find that part of the leotard uncomfortable. However, it will not meet everyone’s taste.

The design of the Rainbow Arc set is absolutely beautiful. The colors are vibrant and the pattern is unique, making this outfit stand out from the crowd.

At around $70, this is at the higher price end for a leotard and shorts set for gymnastics, but the extra cost does give a superior material and level of comfort.

Best for Sparkles – Destira Hollywood

Bring a touch of old Hollywood glamour to your gymnastics routine with this super sparkly leotard and shorts set from Destira! This stunning navy hologram leotard is sure to turn heads under the gym lights with its holographic twinkle and clear crystal embellishments. You’ll feel like a movie star every time you wear it!

The shorts will have to be purchased separately, and the pair shown in the photo above are the Silver Mystique shorts which cost around $28 Combined with the Hollywood leotard this set will cost around a total of $80.

Complete Gymnastics users can use the code HAPPY15 for a 15% discount at the Destira Website.

Best Classic – Dancina Marble

This classic black design with swirls is just right for wearing to practice. The leg line does not ride as high as some other leotards which will provide extra comfort.

At less than $40 for the gymnastics leotards and shorts set, it is great value for money as well.

Why do gymnasts wear shorts?

Gymnasts wear shorts for several reasons. Firstly, shorts provide coverage and support for the legs, which is important when performing moves that involve leg movements and extension. The shorts can help prevent chafing and skin irritation caused by friction between the legs during intense movements.

Secondly, shorts allow for greater freedom of movement and flexibility. This is especially important in gymnastics, where athletes need to be able to move their legs quickly and freely without any restrictions. Shorts can also help keep the body cool during intense physical activity.

Additionally, wearing shorts can help gymnasts feel more confident and comfortable during competitions and performances. Many gymnastics outfits, including leotards, can be quite revealing, and wearing shorts can help athletes feel more covered and less exposed.

Lastly, shorts can add an aesthetic appeal to a gymnast’s outfit, helping them to stand out and make a statement. With so many different styles and designs available, gymnasts can choose shorts that complement their leotards and showcase their individual styles.

If you’re looking for a leotard with long sleeves, check out this article here.

Can gymnasts wear shorts in competition?

Yes, gymnasts are allowed to wear shorts during competitions. However, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has specific rules regarding the length and fit of shorts that gymnasts are allowed to wear during competitions. There have also been many changes in recent years, and some controversy, as it was not always straightforward for gymnasts to wear shorts at competitions.

According to FIG rules, shorts must not be too long or too loose, as they could interfere with the execution of movements or pose a safety risk. Shorts should fit closely to the body and not extend below the knee. Additionally, the waistband of the shorts should not exceed the height of the navel.

It should also be noted that individual competitions, especially those in different disciplines, will have their own set of rules (code of points) that will outline regulations for appearance.

In some cases, gymnasts may choose to wear shorts for personal or cultural reasons. For example, some female Muslim gymnasts choose to wear full-length shorts as part of their hijab to cover their legs and maintain their religious beliefs while competing.

Overall, while there are specific rules regarding the length and fit of shorts in gymnastics competitions, gymnasts are allowed to wear shorts as part of their competition outfit if they choose to do so.

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