Level 3 Gymnastics Skills

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Level 3 is defined as a development level by USAG meaning not all clubs or gymnasts will compete these skills at a competition. This article will guide you through the skill requirements and explain how level 3 fits into the Women’s Development Program (WDP). Let’s get into this! Overview of Level 3 Gymnastics Coaches mainly …

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The Rise of Trampoline Gymnastics (as a sport)

Trampolining originated as a training tool and circus novelty act. But starting in the 1940s, it rapidly evolved into a formal competitive sport requiring tremendous athleticism, precision, and grace. Dedicated athletes and organizations pushed for trampolining to be recognized as an athletic endeavor in its own right, distinct from the circus traditions. Fast forward to …

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How Do Olympic Gymnasts Train (a guide)

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Gymnastics is one of the most watched and awe-inspiring Olympic sports. The artistry, precision, and seemingly gravity-defying skills that gymnasts demonstrate during their routines require years of training and dedication. What does it take to become an elite, Olympic-level gymnast? It all comes down to intense, disciplined, and meticulously planned training that starts at a …

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How to Become a Gymnastics Judge (revealed)

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Gymnastics judges carry an immense responsibility on their shoulders. Their scoring decisions and evaluations can make or break athletes’ career ambitions and dreams at the highest levels of competition. But how does one become qualified to take on the prestigious and challenging role of a gymnastics judge? Like the gymnasts themselves, prospective judges must dedicate …

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