Trampoline Games for Kids (safe ideas)

Are you looking for fun and safe activities to keep your kids entertained? Outdoor trampolines can provide hours of joy and excitement for children while also promoting physical activity. In this article, we will explore trampoline games for kids that are not only entertaining but also ensure safety for your little ones.

Let’s get bouncing!

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Disclaimer: Trampolines carry an inherent level of risk. Whilst we have taken great care to suggest safe activities we cannot take responsibility for injuries caused when using a trampoline.


Trampolines have become increasingly popular among families due to their ability to engage children in active play. By incorporating games into trampoline time, you can enhance the overall experience and make it even more enjoyable for your kids.

Benefits of Trampoline Games for Kids

Trampoline games offer numerous benefits for children’s development. They promote physical fitness, improve balance and coordination, enhance motor skills, and boost cardiovascular health. Moreover, these games encourage social interaction, teamwork, and friendly competition among kids.

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Safety Measures

Before diving into the exciting trampoline games, it’s essential to establish a safe trampolining environment for your children. Make sure to:

  1. Set up the trampoline on a flat surface away from trees or any other obstacles.
  2. Install safety netting around the trampoline to prevent accidental falls.
  3. Ensure that the trampoline’s springs and frame are in good condition.
  4. Supervise children at all times while they are playing on the trampoline.
  5. Establish rules and guidelines for safe trampoline use, such as no somersaults or roughhousing.
  6. Consider creating an in-ground trampoline as they are safer than above-ground ones.

Now, let’s explore seven exciting trampoline games that your kids will love.

Game 1: Trampoline Tag

Trampoline tag adds an extra layer of fun to the classic game of tag. The rules are simple: one person starts as “it” and tries to tag the other players while bouncing on the trampoline. The player who gets tagged becomes the new “it.” This game not only gets the kids moving but also challenges their agility and reflexes.

Game 2: Simon Says

Simon Says is a timeless game that can be adapted for the trampoline. The designated “Simon” gives commands such as “Simon says bounce on one leg” or “Simon says do a tuck jump.” The players must follow the instructions, but only if the command is preceded by “Simon says.” Those who perform the action without the phrase are out. This game combines listening skills with physical activity and guarantees lots of laughter.

Game 3: Musical Trampolines

Similar to musical chairs, musical trampolines infuse a musical twist into the game. Set up a small music player near the trampoline and have the children bounce to the beat. When the music stops, they must freeze on the trampoline. The last one to freeze is out, and the game continues until there is one winner remaining. This game enhances rhythm, coordination, and listening abilities.

trampoline game for kids

Game 4: Trampoline Basketball

Bring the excitement of basketball to the trampoline by attaching a mini basketball hoop to one side. Kids can take turns shooting hoops while bouncing on the trampoline. This game not only improves hand-eye coordination but also encourages friendly competition among participants. They can practice their shooting skills and even create their own mini trampoline basketball tournaments.

trampoline basketball game

Game 5: Balloon Bounce

Balloon bounce is a delightful game that adds a touch of whimsy to trampoline play. Inflate several balloons and scatter them on the trampoline. The objective is to keep the balloons in the air by bouncing and preventing them from touching the ground. Kids can challenge themselves to keep as many balloons afloat as possible. This game enhances concentration, and agility, and provides a thrilling experience for younger children.

Game 6: Trampoline Relay Race

Turn the trampoline into a racecourse by organizing a relay race. Divide the children into teams and have them complete a series of tasks on the trampoline. For instance, they can perform a set number of jumps, do a spin, or touch specific spots on the trampoline before tagging the next teammate. This game promotes teamwork, and coordination, and adds an element of excitement to trampoline play.

Game 7: Trampoline Dance-Off

Let your kids showcase their dancing skills with a trampoline dance-off. Play their favorite upbeat music and encourage them to create unique dance routines while bouncing on the trampoline. This game allows them to express themselves creatively, improves rhythm, and adds an element of fun to their trampoline experience. They can even come up with their own dance challenges and show off their moves to family and friends.

trampoline game for kids dancing


Trampolines provide a fantastic opportunity for kids to engage in active play and have a blast while staying safe. By incorporating these seven trampoline games for kids into their playtime, you can enhance their physical development, promote social interaction, and create lasting memories. Remember to prioritize safety by following the necessary precautions and supervising your children while they enjoy these games.

Have fun!


Q1: Can trampoline games be played by children of all ages?

Yes, trampoline games can be adapted to suit children of various ages. However, it’s important to consider the capabilities and physical abilities of each child to ensure their safety.

Q2: Is it necessary to have a safety net around the trampoline?

Having a safety net is highly recommended as it provides an extra layer of protection against accidental falls. It’s an important safety feature to consider when purchasing a trampoline.

Q3: Are trampoline games only suitable for outdoor use?

While trampolines are commonly used outdoors, there are indoor trampolines available as well. Indoor trampolines can be a great option for those who have limited outdoor space or want to enjoy trampoline games regardless of the weather.

Q4: How many children can play on a trampoline at the same time?

The number of children that can safely play on a trampoline depends on its size and weight capacity. It’s crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the maximum number of users.

Q5: Are there any specific safety guidelines for each trampoline game?

Yes, it’s essential to establish rules and guidelines for each trampoline game to ensure the safety of the participants. Rules can include no somersaults, no pushing or roughhousing, and maintaining a safe distance from the edges of the trampoline.