Are Dollamur Mats Worth It? (Honest Review)

Dollamur mats are found in gymnastics and martial arts training facilities around the world. They are also suitable for use at home for extra practice. But are they any good?

I use over 4,000 sq ft of Dollamur mats across the gymnastics facilities I run so, in this article, we go into detail about Dollamur mats with real photos and observations.

Some of my Dollamur mats have been used seven days a week in a professional gymnastics facility for over 10 years and are still going strong so this is a brand of mat that I can recommend highly.

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What type of mats do Dollamur make?

Dollamur makes mats for a range of sports including Wrestling, Martial Arts and Gymnastics. The Gymnastics mats are made from several layers of foam which are bonded together to a density that both cushions from impact and rebounds for take-off speed.

On top is a thin layer of carpet that is bonded to the foam. The carpet surface is what the gymnast makes contact with so it has to provide a stable, less slippery feeling. It also prevents the foam from tearing or getting damaged.

dollamur gymnastics mat
Underneath a Dollamur Gymnastics Mat (not Flexi Roll)

The mats used for other sports such as Martial Arts tend to be more rigid and have a vinyl finish which wouldn’t be suitable for most types of gymnastics.

The Dollamur mats are popular in gymnastics facilities because they are of great quality but they are also versatile. They can be used on top of sprung floors, semi sprung floors or even just on their own on a sports hall floor.

They can also be easily rolled up when not in use which is ideal for gymnastics clubs that need to pack their equipment away at the end of a session.

If you need a full floor area then several Dollamur Mats can be laid out next to each other and joined by hook tape.

What are Flexi mats?

Flexi-Roll mats have cuts in the foam at increments all the way along the floor meaning a whole section of 42′ floor can be rolled away in a few seconds. Whereas the original Dollamur mat would have to flip upside down before rolling, the Flexi-Roll can be set up or set down without flipping over because the cuts in the foam make it more flexible.

under flexi roll mat
The underneath of a Flexi Roll Mat showing the cuts in the foam
dollamur mat flexi roll
This off cut from a Flexi Roll Mat shows how easily they roll up.

If you have a full-size floor area, as we do in our gym, it will have six or seven rolls of 42′ matting so being able to tear down without the extra effort of flipping each floor makes a huge difference.

Are Dollamur mats good for home practice?

Dollamur mats are ideal for home practice as the Flexi-Roll design allows for them to be rolled away and stored easily.

The material and design also replicate the feeling of a professional gym floor which many other mats for home use aren’t able to do. There are cheaper mats out there but if it’s the quality you are looking for, go for Dollamur.

In fact, the Dollamur is my top recommendation for home practice mats. Check out my top 6 suggestions in this article.

Are Dollamur mats sprung?

On their own, they are not sprung like a fully sprung floor in a gym. However, they can be used on top of the springs and wood used to create a sprung floor.

Although they are not springy or bouncy, they are ideal for practicing basic gymnastics shapes and skills like forwards roll, handstand or cartwheel. The stability of the mat will protect your wrists and ankles from injury and there is still a small amount of rebound when you jump on them.

If you need something super bouncy for more advanced tumbling and flips, you should consider an inflatable Air Track instead.

Can you cut Dollamur mats?

Dollamur mats can be cut with a Stanley knife and a straight edge as a guide.

Once it’s cut, you won’t be able to reattach it easily so ensure you have marked out your cut accurately.

The video below is very useful even though it is demonstrating how to cut a vinyl Dollamur mat, the same rules apply to the gymnastics version with a carpet top.

I have cut and trimmed several Flexi-Roll mats to fit around posts and awkward-shaped walls and if I can manage to do it, you should be able to as well!

How much are Dollamur mats?

If you’re looking for a Dollamur mat for home gymnastics or cheer practice, you can pick up a 3′ x 6′ mat on Amazon for around $120.

A 5′ x 10′ mat will cost around $275 on Amazon and if you have the space to use it, I would recommend the larger size.

Dollamur gymnastics mats used in pro gym facilities are up 42′ x 6′ and cost at least $1,000 each because of the larger size. However, you can potentially create a full floor for around $6,000 – $7,000 and this is still a lot less than a fully sprung floor that will cost at least $20,0000!

A full-size floor area with Dollamur Mats

How to clean Dollamur mats?

Dollamur gymnastics mats should be hoovered with a vacuum in the same way you vacuum a normal carpet.

Because our Dollamur mats are used so much at our facility, we also use a carpet cleaner a couple of times a year to get it deep cleaned.

If you use a carpet cleaner you must leave the mat unrolled for at least 24 hours to dry. If it is rolled up wet you will damage the mat and it will smell a lot! I made that mistake once and it took ages to dry out properly.

Where is Dollamur?

Dollamur is based out of Fort Worth, Texas in the USA. Dollamur is a global brand and has licensed distributors in dozens of countries.

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