Gymnastics Leotards for Teens (best picks)

Gymnastics leotards are an essential piece of clothing for any teen involved in gymnastics. They not only provide comfort and support but also help boost confidence during performances. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect leotard. This article will provide you with a list of the best gymnastics leotards for teens that will fit any budget and style.

All of these picks are available in sizes suitable for teens but you will need to check individual size guide charts as each brand can size slightly differently.

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Best Overall: GK Glitz and Glam

GK is well known for producing high-quality leotards that are good value for money. The Glitz and Glam range is available in five different colors and compromises of the same sparkly star pattern across the chest.

GK leotards fit well and the Glitz and Glam range includes sizes through to Adults. For older teens, there’s the option of Adult Small or Adult Extra Small. If they measure up too large then drop down to one of the junior sizes.

The sparkles are printed onto the fabric rather than being attached separately. This helps keep the cost down to around $30 online without sacrificing anything in terms of appearance.

Runner Up: Destira Visionary

Destira is known for making bold and colorful leotards that stand out from the crowd. The ‘Visionary’ leotard is not the brightest or boldest in the range but definitely creates a more mature appearance.

From experience coaching gymnasts in Destira leotards, they fit extremely well and the fabric is smooth and stretchy. This particular leotard has a split in the back which also helps teen gymnasts reach the full range of motion in their upper body. Gymnasts often comment that this helps them stay cool as well.

Destira offers sizes up to Large Adults which is ideal for teens of all ages and sizes. Although Destira tends to be a little bit more expensive than GK (the Visionary Leoatrd costs around $45 – $50) they do run sales and discounts regularly.

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Best Premium: Obersee Turquoise Waves

Obersee is less well-known than GK or Destira but produces excellent premium-quality gymnastics leotards.

The Turquoise Waves leotard is a traditional scoop neck choice that looks and feels great. The shimmer effect of the lower part of the leotard really stands out and will help any teen gymnast feel super confident in the gym.

The superior quality of the fabric means an Obersee leotard will set you back anywhere between $50 – $60 but if you’re looking for something that’s durable and will last, its an ideal choice.

Best on a Budget: BAOHULU Diamond

If you’re looking for something on a lower budget for your teen gymnast then Amazon has a few good options. The older your teen gets, the less selection there is but we have found this excellent option for around $15.

It has plenty of fun and sparkle whilst also looking smart and sophisticated for teenage gymnasts. The option shown is White Blue but there are 15 color options in total on Amazon. However, not all colors are available in bigger sizes. The White Blue is available for up to 15 – 16 years old but check the size chart carefully as Amazon leotard brands will size differently to other brands such as Destira or GK.

Something Fun: Destira Lemon Drop

This is such a good choice for those teenagers wanting to express themselves a bit more! Destira leotards are bold and creative and the Lemon Drop leotard ticks that box perfectly.

As mentioned already in this article, Destira fits well and looks and feels great. So if you’re ready to stand out from the crowd what are you waiting for!

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Best Alternative: HOZIY Biketard

Biketards provide more comfort and modesty than traditional leotards so this HOZIY garment is perfect for teens that want something different from the usual gymnastics leotard for teens.

This option has fantastic reviews online (4.7 from over 6,000 ratings) and has sizes available up to 14 – 15 years old. If this particular color pattern doesn’t grab you, there are around a dozen others with the same Biketard design. At less than $15 on Amazon, it also provides excellent value for money.


Choosing the right gymnastics leotard for your teen can make a huge difference in their performance and confidence. We hope this article has provided you with a helpful guide to the best gymnastics leotards for teens. Remember to consider factors such as material, fit, design, and price when selecting. Read here for an in-depth guide on deciding factors when choosing a new leotard.

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How do I know what size leotard to get for my teen?

It’s essential to measure your teen’s body to ensure a proper fit. Use a measuring tape to measure the chest, waist, hips, and inseam. Check the size chart of the leotard brand you are interested in and compare the measurements to find the best fit.

Can my teen wear shorts with their leotard?

There are mixed approaches to shorts with leotards. Traditionally many gymnastics clubs and coaches have didn’t accept girls wearing shorts whilst a few did. In recent years attitudes seem to have relaxed and gymnasts are allowed to decide for themselves more often, as some teens may prefer to do so for personal comfort or modesty reasons.

If your teen does choose to wear shorts, make sure they are tight-fitting and do not restrict movement. Also, check with your coach or club beforehand. Read this article for recommendations on leotards and shorts sets.

What type of material is best for gymnastics leotards?

The best material for gymnastics leotards is a stretchy, breathable fabric such as spandex or lycra. These materials allow for a full range of motion and wick away sweat to keep the gymnast comfortable and dry. Spandex or lycra is usually combined with nylon to create the best material for a leotard.

Can my teen wear a printed or patterned leotard to competitions?

Each competition may have different rules regarding leotard designs, so it’s essential to check with the competition guidelines before choosing a leotard. In general, solid-colored leotards are the safest option for competition.

How often should my teen replace their gymnastics leotard?

It’s recommended to replace gymnastics leotards every 6-12 months, depending on how often they are worn and washed. Over time, the material can become stretched out and lose its elasticity, which can affect the fit and performance of the leotard.