The Best Gymnastics Leotards for Girls (2023)

Choosing the perfect gymnastics leotard for girls isn’t just about picking a dazzling design that shines during performances. It’s about comfort, durability, and inspiring confidence. Whether you’re a parent new to the gymnastics world or looking to update your seasoned gymnast’s wardrobe, our comprehensive buyer’s guide is tailored to navigate you through the myriad of choices and considerations.

best gymnastics leotards

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The right leotard can be a girls best friend, offering the freedom to move, stretch, and perform with grace and precision. With a vast array of materials, cuts, and styles available, it can be daunting to select the one that meets all your needs.

In this guide, we will walk you through everything from the importance of fabric choice to understanding the best fit for your gymnast’s body type, to ensuring that style never comes at the cost of comfort. We’ll also highlight how to get the best value for your money in a market that has something for every budget.

A Guide to Girls Leotards

If you’re looking for a girls’ leotard there are plenty of options. Customers can either go directly to a reputable company such as:

  • GK
  • Destira
  • Sylvia P
  • Quatro
  • United All Around

Amazon also has a wide range of leotards including many of the companies mentioned above as well as much cheaper but less well-known options. Target is another go-to place for girls’ gymnastics leotards.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Leotard

Cost: Girls leotards typically range in cost from $10 up to $80. The cheaper garments are found on Amazon or in Target whereas more expensive options are more often brought directly from brands such as Destira, Quatro or Obersee. In the mid-range, you’ll find GK and United All-Around

Sizing: Different companies size differently to each other so it’s important to check the sizing guide for each.

Fabric: The most common fabric for gymnastics leotards is a mix of spandex and polyester. The spandex gives the leotard its stretchy feel and keeps it fitted tightly. The other option for leotard material is Velour (crushed velvet) which has a soft, plush feel.

Sleeves: Leotards are either sleeveless or long-sleeved. This is down to personal preference however, long-sleeved leotards are more common at competitions and most girls wear sleeveless leotards at practice. CHeck out our top picks for long sleeved leotards towards the end of this article.

Design: The are hundreds of design options for girls’ leotards and the choices are literally endless. Consider buying a leotard that makes your daughter feel comfortable and inspired. Most designs can be categorized as either:

  • Classic
  • Bold
  • Funny
  • Sparkly

Best Overall Girls Leotard – Glitz and Glam

GK is one of the best-known leotard brands in the world and boasts an endorsement with the GOAT of gymnastics, Simone Biles.

All of their leotards are made in the USA and have an excellent reputation for fitting extremely well. If sized correctly, GK leotards won’t have any loose fittings or material hanging away from the gymnast’s body. Despite the tight fit, gymnasts always feedback that the material is stretchy enough to perform even the hardest of skills.

The Glitz and Glam leotard is a stand-out design because of its simple yet bold look. If purchased on Amazon it will cost around $30 which is a fantastic price for a well-made garment.

What we like:

  • Established and trustworthy brand
  • Tight-fitting and stretchy
  • Made in the USA


  • Rhinestones could be sparklier

Runner Up – United All Around Turquoise Flower

United All Around has a huge range of over 30 leotards for girls. The designs are awesome, one of my favorites is the Turquoise Flower pictured below which also has Crystal Rhinestones. Unlike some cheaper leotards, the Rhinestones are actually attached rather than printed on. Size-wise most of their leotards are available for toddlers right up to 15 years old plus.

United all around turquoise leotard

Prices will vary depending on the size but smaller leotards are just over $20 with the larger ones around $35. The price range is very good value for money considering United All Around leotards are well made and use thick and good quality fabric material.

What we like:

  • Great value
  • Fits true to size
  • Excellent design


  • Colors fade faster than other well-known brands

Best Leotard Designs for Girls – Destira

Destira is known for its innovative, fun and stylish designs. The quality is high-end but a Destira leotard won’t break the bank with average prices between $40 – $50.

We are big fans of the enchanted sparkly look of these Destira leotards, in particular the Northern Lights and Ever After designs.

destira northern lights leotard

Gymnasts often comment that Destira leotards are well-fitted but also allow for their usual range of motion in skills like splits and walkovers. It’s important for gymnasts to feel this way so that performance and training are not affected by an ill-fitting leotard.

Use the code HAPPY15 at the Destira website for a 15% discount.

What we like:

  • Bold and innovative designs
  • High-quality fabric and seams
  • An established and well-known brand


  • Not all designs are available on Amazon – visit the Destira website instead

Best Premium Leotard – Obersee Diagonal

Introducing the Obersee Flag Leotard – a stylish and patriotic scoop neck leotard that’s perfect for gymnasts. Made with high-quality materials like shimmering mystique and soft nylon, this leotard is designed to provide both durability and comfort. Its attractive detailing and design make it stand out from other leotards on the market.

Obersee takes great care in creating leotards that meet the unique needs of gymnasts. Leotards are crafted with soft and breathable material, feature fun and eye-catching designs, and are designed to fit comfortably. But what really sets the leotards apart is the use of top-quality materials that give them a superior look and feel.

The Obersee Gymnastics Leotard is made with 80% nylon and 20% spandex, providing the perfect balance of flexibility and support for gymnasts of all levels. Whether you’re training for competition or just looking for a stylish and comfortable leotard to wear to practice, the Obersee Gymnastics Leotard is a perfect choice.

What we like:

  • Cool shimmer effect
  • Made in the USA
  • Eye-catching


  • Higher cost

Best Budget – Zizi Leotard for Girls

Zizi has an extremely popular range of designs on Amazon that are great if you’re on a tighter budget. Most leotards cost around $15 which compared to the bigger brands is great value for money.

zizi leotard for girls

All of the designs are colorful and include prints such as rainbows, stars and floral patterns which girls especially will love. The colors are bright and the quality is still very good despite the lower price tag. Size-wise these leotards are aimed at 3 to 14-year-olds.

Can you trust a lesser-known brand from Amazon? Generally speaking, you get what you pay for so cheaper leotards may not fit as well or have the same quality of fabric. However, if your daughter plans to attend practice once a week for a recreational class, a Zizi leotard is great for you.

It probably won’t have the same demands as a leotard being worn by a team gymnast who is training 20 hours per week and will be perfectly adequate.

What we like:

  • Affordable
  • Designs that younger girls will love
  • Quick delivery via Amazon


  • Less glamour than bigger brands such as GK or Destira

Best Leotard Alternative – Jeskids Biketard

If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional leotard, a Biketard could be for you. A Biketard (also known as a unitard) is basically the top of a leotard combined with shorts all in one. It’s less restrictive between the legs and saves having to buy separate shorts to wear over the leotard.

Some girls like the longer covering around the top of the legs whilst still having the range of movement needed to practice gymnastics. The Jeskids range is very good both in terms of quality and price (around $20) and there are over 20 designs to pick from. They also send a free hair scrunchie with a matching pattern.

What we like:

  • Extra leg coverage
  • Matching scrunchie
  • Fun designs


  • Mainly suitable for younger children (under 9’s)

Best Toddlers Leotard for Girls – GK Stars

This particular leotard comes in various sizes, and it is ideal for toddlers because the shoulder straps are smaller and easier to get on and off. You have a choice of three colors – Pink, Blue or Black and at around $20 this is great value for younger gymnasts.


The sparkles are printed on the fabric but for $20 you shouldn’t expect real sparkles to be attached! GK makes very good quality products and is a super popular brand in gyms all over the country.

What we like:

  • .The same tight fit you expect from GK
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Difficult to size toddlers accurately

The Best Long Sleeve Leotard: Obersee Lilac Swerve

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lilac-swerve-300x300.webp

This Obersee long-sleeved leotard is made with high-quality nylon and spandex. Many of the cheaper leotards will use polyester instead of nylon but it’s hard to beat the elasticity of Obersee leotards because of the better quality fabric. Gymnasts will hardly ever complain of a restricted range of motion in an Obersee leotard because of its great fit.

You will probably pay over $50 for this option but gymnasts will notice the difference.

Long Sleeve Runner-Up: Zaclorte Sparkly

Sparkly leotards are very trendy right now in gyms everywhere. The sparkles on this option for a long-sleeved leotard come from the rhinestones fitted onto the fabric. If sparkles are not your thing, Zaclorte has a range of over 10 different long-sleeve leotards to pick from.

This particular design is a bit more lightweight than some other picks but at around $20 it is still very good value for money.

Why Wear a Long Sleeve Leotard?

While many gymnasts prefer sleeveless leotards for their range of motion, there are a number of reasons why you might want to consider a long sleeve leotard for your training and competition needs.

Improved Grip and Control

One of the most important benefits of wearing a long sleeve leotard for gymnastics is the improved grip and control it provides. When you sweat, it can be difficult to maintain your grip on equipment like bars, beams, and vaults. The added fabric of a long sleeve leotard helps to absorb sweat, which can help prevent slipping and sliding.

Additionally, the sleeves provide more surface area for your hands to grip onto, giving you better control.

Reduced Injury Risk

Another reason why you might want to consider a long sleeve leotard for gymnastics is the added protection it provides. Long sleeves can help to reduce your risk of cuts, scrapes, and bruises that can occur during training. Additionally, the compression provided by the leotard can help to support your muscles and joints, reducing the risk of strains and other injuries.

Enhanced Performance

Wearing a long sleeve leotard can also help to enhance your performance as a gymnast. Whilst a leotard cannot magically make you perform skills that were previously impossible (if only it was that simple), it can hide small errors in arm alignment. We’re not saying it’s good to hide poor technique, but just pointing out the facts! It’s harder to spot bent arms with a long sleeve leotard than with a sleeveless one.

More importantly, the added warmth provided by the long sleeves can potentially help to improve your circulation and increase your flexibility, allowing you to perform at your best.

Comfort and Style

Finally, long sleeve leotards for gymnastics offer a range of comfort and style benefits. The soft, stretchy fabric of the leotard provides a comfortable and supportive fit, while the variety of colors and designs available allows you to express your personal style and flair. A long sleeve leotard will also keep you warmer in winter which will keep you feeling as comfortable as possible when the temperature drops.

Final Thoughts

The sheer amount of gymnastics leotards for girls available today is huge! Hopefully, this guide has provided you with a good idea of what to look out for and helped you discover some options that are ideal for you and your daughter.


What is the best way to wash a gymnastics leotard?

To keep your leotard in the best possible condition follow these 6 steps when washing.

  1. Turn the leotard inside out
  2. Wash separately by hand
  3. Use cold water with a small amount of detergent
  4. Rinse straight away
  5. Hang to dry
  6. Do NOT use fabric softeners, iron, tumble dry or dry clean

Leotard fabric is usually delicate and will fade with repeated washing especially if you don’t follow these steps. You should always check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do girls wear underwear under their leotards for gymnastics?

Most girls don’t wear underwear under their leotards but there are some exceptions and alternatives. The main reason that underwear is not worn is to avoid it showing out the side of the leotard. In gymnastics, this is a big no-no, especially at competitions as this will result in a loss of points.

However, for younger gymnasts and those in recreational-level gymnastics wearing underwear will probably not be an issue. Clubs and coaches working with team-level girls usually insist on the no underwear rule or ask girls to wear shorts over their leotards.

Shorts are usually acceptable at practice but at meets, they are usually prohibited for girls. In recent years, specially designed underwear that blends with the gymnast’s skin color has become increasingly popular for those girls who feel uncomfortable with no underwear.

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